Daniel Pettrow


Daniel Pettrow is a Brooklyn-based actor, director, and teacher. Daniel frequently focuses on new and experimental creations while fostering collaborations with artists from different disciples. Daniel is the Director of Performance and Communication Training, Drama Teacher, and Speaking in Public Teacher for Heifetz International Music Institute (a unique training program aimed at developing the expressive potential of performers through an innovative and cross-disciplinary curriculum.) Daniel has worked with YoungArts as the Associate Theater Director for YoungArts LA (2017 & 2016), and YoungArts Miami (2015). He is a frequent collaborator with John Heginbotham, having worked on several projects together. Recently, Daniel was the assistant director and performer of THE PRINCIPLES OF UNCERTAINTY, which premiered at Jacob’s Pillow, The Guggenheim, and BAM. He also performs the role of “The Wolf” in Isaac Mizrahi’s production of PETER AND THE WOLF at The Guggenheim for their Works and Process series (2012 - present), and choreographed by John Heginbotham. For the last twenty years, Daniel has worked closely with renowned French director Arthur Nauzyciel, having performed at National Theaters and festivals all over the world. Notable performances have been Mark Antony in JULIUS CAESAR, Bob in SPLENDID’S, Roberto Zucco in ROBERTO ZUCCO, and Cal in BLACK BATTLES WITH DOGS. In 2016, Daniel worked with legendary Italian director Romeo Castellucci, performing in JULUIS CAESAR: SPARED PARTS for FIAF’S “Crossing the Line Festival” in New York. Daniel is an associate actor with The Wooster Group and teaching artist at The Wooster Group’s Summer Institute. As a director, Daniel recently created A KIND OF MIRROR, an experimental piano concert that prompts poetic storytelling with the audience. In 2018, he directed SOME MUST WATCH WHILE SOME MUST SLEEP, a theatrical performance about sleep talking and how our dream life has the ability to heal past traumas. Daniel has directed several dance-theater productions with choreographer Anabella Lenzu: NO MORE BEAUTIFUL DANCES, IN PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, PACAMAMA, and SANGRE & ARENA. Additionally, Daniel is a teacher and lecturer at The Banff Centre for their ‘Concert in the 21st Century’ program. TV: Red Band Society, Good Eats, Don’t Know Jack, Road Trip. Film: In Stereo, Sweet Parents, The Cult of Sincerity, The Last Adam, Psychopathia Sexualis, Kathy T, My Uncle Sidney.