about the Symposium

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Welcome to Elizabeth Faidley’s Violin Pedagogy Symposium 2020!

In August of 2020, Ms. Faidley will be hosting a three-day event that embraces the art of teaching at every level. Violin Pedagogy Symposium 2020 will respond to questions and struggles that impact every teacher and performer, from foundational set-up to repertoire sequencing to stage presence and performance anxiety. Faidley herself will be guiding half of the classes, along with renowned professionals such as Dr. Noa Kageyama, Daniel Pettrow, and many other specialists. VPS 2020 includes insight and guidance addressing the policies and politics involved in running a studio, including a talk led by Nickelodeon and Disney’s social media manager, Ryan Walker, on how to understand, navigate, and utilize social media; and a discussion on relational impact led by a certified psychiatrist. Ms. Faidley is thrilled by the already overwhelming response to VPS 2020 and cannot wait to see you all there! (Speakers subject to change)